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Computer Information Systems (CIS) is one of the most important fields in information and computer technology. CIS is considered a bridge between computer science specializations and organizational and administrative fields, whereby a student gains knowledge and acquires skills necessary to analyzing, designing, developing and operating information systems and utilizing them in any type of public or private organizations. CIS Department offers a broad variety of interesting courses, from general overview to special skills, from business applications to programming tools, from productivity software to cutting edge developing environments.
UndergraduateComputer Information Systems
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Believing in the Information Technology role in building and promoting the growth of the national economy, and in accordance with the Kingdom's strategy to shift towards the knowledge economy, the Business Information Technology department was established within the Faculty of Systems & Information Technology at University of Jordan- Aqaba.

Members of the BIT Department are involved in numerous fields related to information technology ranging from business intelligence and data mining, database systems, information retrieval and knowledge management systems, cyber and information security, e- commerce, e-learning, web application development, enterprise resource planning systems, document processing and analysis.
Undergraduate Information Technology
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The master graduate program aims to provide specialized studies in various computer science areas. It encourages theoretical and applied researches in computer science fields in order to allow master graduate students to excel in their professional life. In this respect, the master program in computer science covers the major topics in computer science in depth to provide the type of master graduate students with high quality. For this reason, this program has been stretched out to cover most of the important areas of computer science in depth; such as computer networks, operating systems, parallel and distributed computing, image processing, database systems, theory of algorithms, and programming languages. More specifically, the master graduate program aims to:
   • Provide computer science master graduate students with core cognitive, practical and transferable computing knowledge and skills to enable them to meet the need of newly developed technology industries.
   • Provide all master graduate students with theoretical knowledge; analytical and practical, and transferable computing skills to enable them to function effectively in public and private sectors.
   • Produce master graduate students capable of performing research and Ph.D. studies that fill the need for professional computer science instructors, lecturers and researchers.
   • Provide the society with qualified master graduate students with a wide range of capabilities in the field of computer science, including independent learners and team workers, enabling them to function effectively in the public and private sectors to meet the needs of Jordan and the region in several fields of computer science.
   • Maintain a very good relationship with the market through consultancy, creative ideas and solutions in a global economic and cultural entertainment.
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