training workshop As part of Edu4ALL project

As part of Edu4ALL project, a training workshop has been hosted by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) in Greece during the period from 18th to 22nd of October 2021. His Excellency Mr. Ahed Sweidat, the Ambassador of Jordan to Greece, His Excellency Mr. Marwan Tubasi, the Ambassador of Palestine to Greece, Professor Dimitrios Karadimas, the Vice Rector of Finance, Programming and Development at NKUA, and  Professor Georgios Kouroupetroglou, the Head of Informatics and Telecommunications Department at NKUA, have met the Edu4ALL teams on the final day of the training workshop.

The University of Jordan team, which has participated in the training workshop, includes Dr. Ismail Al-Taharwa, Dr. Khaled Aldebei, and Dr. Nazeeh Ghatasheh from the Faculty of Information Technology and Systems, and Mr. Osama Alalem from the library of the University of Jordan.

Edu4ALL project aims at the support and inclusion of students with disability in higher education by establishing a novel and comprehensive educational unit to facilitate their academic, social and psychological needs. This unit will be equipped with the most recent and advanced tools and equipment that suit the needs of the students with disabilities. It is worth mentioning that these tools and equipment will be the first used in Jordan, specifically at the University of Jordan in Amman and Aqaba.


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