School's Strategy

Our Vision
the faculty of Systems and Information Technology has set its vision to be one of the leaders in the field of IT education. The faculty aims to achieve this target in the next five years via becoming an active academic environment that facilitates teaching, learning and research activities to produces top-quality graduates. Moreover, the faculty set its target to positively serve and supply local communities with it skills in order to increase job opportunities in the field.
Our Mission & Objective
In compliance with the main directions of our vision, the faculty addresses the following four categories: 1) Employment a) To become the main provider of IT professionals in Jordan and the region b) To provide continuous learning to our graduates c) To encourage IT innovations and startup businesses. 2) Education a) To provide high education levels in the different fields of information technology b) To provide high quality Curriculum that meets the market demands and industry dynamic requirements c) To boost advanced academic skills such as the critical thinking, analysis and Synthesis 3) Research a) To improve research skills of both faculty and students b) To encourage the establishment of various research groups in the main IT streams c) To increase the visibility of research outcomes in the national and international levels d) To increase participation in research events locally and internationally e) To encourage cooperation with recognized research parties. 4) Social a) To facilitate and encourage students social activities b) To involve local Society in planning and choosing future directions via constructive feedback c) To establish the concept of voluntary work and serving society by both faculty and students
Our Goals

- Providing highly intellectual undergraduate and graduate programs that enrich our students with the latest knowledge and equipping them with skills that meet local, regional and international market needs while complying with international quality standards.

 - Recruiting and attract high-quality and diverse students and offer them a learning environment equipped with up-to-date resources to prepare them for successful leading positions in a changing business environment.
- Recruiting, retaining, supporting and developing faculty and staff devoted to provide high quality teaching, enforcing ethical conduct, producing highly-ranked research and serving their communities.
- Continue producing high quality theoretical and applied research in business and economics, through encouraging national research and collaboration with international research institutes.
- Ensuring constructive interaction through fostering thoughts and knowledge exchange among stakeholders with local and global communities.

Faculty of Information Technology and Systems

Faculty of Information Technology and Systems


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