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Business Information Technology department strive for enabling responsible graduates for global and productive careers in business-related computing. By providing an excellent and diverse environment for learning, research, and practice of information technology theories, computer applications and software development, and business-related environments.


1.Mission Information Technology Information Technology2
To become one of the leading business information technology institutions that provide quality education and promote high quality research.
2.Vision Information Technology Information Technology2

The main objectives of Business Information Technology (BIT) program seek the linkage between theory and practice in the field of BIT. This linkage equips the graduates with locally and internationally required abilities. BIT program graduates are expected to possess suitable technical background knowledge and skills, in addition to deep understanding of business-oriented information technology environments. The undergraduate students are provided solid education to attain productive career, base for successful further studies, continue lifelong learning, and be responsible. Specifically, the graduates are expected to:

a.       Be capable of competing locally and internationally in the field of BIT by being highly qualified, well trained, self-learners, able to cope with advancements, and professional team workers.

b.      Be ready for professional practice in the BIT field including, but not limited to, programming, web-applications development, system analysis, problem solving, project management, BIT-related consultation, total quality management, and technology-enabled business.

c.       Strive for professional growth by continuous career development, showing increasing responsibility and leadership, pursuing advanced studies, and being innovative.

d.      Adhere to professional conduct by being aware of ethical and social implications of their work and behavior.



3.Objectives Information Technology Information Technology2

The mission of the B.Sc. in Computer Information System program is to prepare students for productive careers in computing by providing an excellent and diverse environment for learning, research and practice of computing theories, computer application tools and software development. It strikes a balance between theory and practice of computer science and computer information systems.​

1.MissionComputer Information SystemsComputer Information Systems1
To be e leading local, and global school in the area of computing that able to supply the market with a distinguish information systems ​developers and operators​
2.VisionComputer Information SystemsComputer Information Systems1

The program Educational Objectives of the Computer Information Systems program (CIS) strikes a balance between theory and practice of computer science and computer information systems. This balance satisfies both regional and national needs. Graduates of the CIS program are equipped with solid theory knowledge and sound technical skills. Meanwhile, they are arranged to operate and administer a wide range of information systems environments. They are provided a broad educational to attain productive employment, prepare them for success in graduate studies, and continue lifelong learning. Specifically. The graduates of CIS program will: 

a.      Have a broad organizational and real-world perspective such that they are able to compete locally and internationally in the field of CIS.

b.      Highly proficient in computer information systems in various capabilities, including, but not limited to, programming, system analysis, problem solving, Database design development and administration, Information system management and decision support. 

c.       Have good interpersonal communication skills, team skills, professional leadership skills, and posses an awareness of the social and ethical implications of their work and their behaviors.

d.      Be able to design, implement, deliver, and manage automated solutions to organizational problems.

Demonstrate continuous career improvement and professional development

3.ObjectivesComputer Information SystemsComputer Information Systems1